10 Best Places To Propose At Disneyland

If you want to propose and are both Disney fans, what better place to do it than at the happiest place on Earth? Disneyland is more than just thrilling rides and delicious churros; it is also a dreamy setting for creating lifelong memories. So grab your Mickey ears and prepare to discover the ten best places to propose at Disneyland.

1. Sleeping Beauty Castle

Let’s begin with the most iconic landmark in Disneyland: Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is not only a symbol of Disneyland but also of dreams coming true. Imagine kneeling before this enchanting fairytale castle as fireworks light the night sky. It looks like something from a Disney movie!

2. Storybook Land Canal Boats

If you want a romantic, private moment away from the crowds, hop on the Storybook Land Canal Boats. As you glide past miniature fairytale villages, find the ideal moment to ask the question. As a bonus, your fairytale proposal will include a whimsical boat ride!

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo ho, yo ho, a life of piracy awaits you! Proposing in the dimly lit, pirate-infested waters of Pirates of the Caribbean would be an unforgettable experience. Just make sure your ring is not mistaken for a treasure!

4. Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street is always lively but is also filled with charming nooks ideal for proposing. You can’t go wrong with the nostalgic atmosphere and the anticipation of a lifetime of adventures together. Also, you can celebrate your engagement with a tasty ice cream cone from Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

5. Haunted Mansion

For those who enjoy Disney’s darker side, why not propose in the Haunted Mansion? The ghosts may be watching, but they will keep your secret safe as you make a hauntingly beautiful commitment.

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6. Under the Fireworks

Disney fireworks are legendary, and proposing under a sky full of dazzling colors and crackling bursts is magical. Find a quiet spot, enjoy the show, and then ask the big question as the grand finale.

7. Mickey’s Toontown

Mickey’s Toontown is the place to be if you prefer a whimsical setting. Amidst the colorful dwellings and zany characters, you can make your proposal animated. Remember to capture the moment against the iconic Toontown backdrop.

8. New Orleans Square

Transport yourselves to the heart of the French Quarter with a proposal in New Orleans Square. The charming architecture, live jazz music, and delectable cuisine create a romantic ambiance that is difficult to resist. Consider proposing during a candlelit dinner at Blue Bayou Restaurant for an extra special touch.

9. it’s a small world

Celebrate the global theme of love with a proposal on the “It’s a Small World” ride. Share your love message before the iconic façade or propose on a boat ride through enchanting scenes representing cultures worldwide.

10. Tomorrowland

Embrace the future of your love story with a proposal in Tomorrowland. The futuristic setting and space-themed attractions will lend an adventurous air to your special occasion. For an out-of-this-world experience, consider proposing on the Astro Orbiter.

In the world of love and fantasy, Disneyland is the perfect setting for your proposal. With these ten enchanting spots, your love story will begin with a happily ever after.