10 Best Places To Propose In New Orleans

Proposing to the love of your life is a momentous occasion that you’ll remember forever. And what better place to create this memory than in the vibrant and romantic city of New Orleans? With its charming streets, historic architecture, and downright magical scenery, the Big Easy offers a trove of proposal spots. Below is a list of the ten best places to propose in New Orleans.

1. Jackson Square

Begin your journey in the heart of the French Quarter at Jackson Square. This historic square boasts stunning architecture and the iconic St. Louis Cathedral as a backdrop. Get down on one knee while a street performer serenades you—it’ll be like your own personal soundtrack!

2. City Park

City Park is the place to be if you and your soon-to-be spouse appreciate nature’s beauty. This lush oasis is home to centuries-old oak trees, peaceful lagoons, and the iconic New Orleans Museum of Art. Plan a picnic with beignets and pop the question beneath the shade of ancient oaks.

3. Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street is where the magic happens for the music-loving couple. Explore the jazz clubs and street performances, then find an empty spot under the stars to propose while listening to the sultry sounds of New Orleans. Your love will hit all the right notes!

4. Tree of Life

Audubon Park’s “Tree of Life” is a massive Southern live oak tree that has witnessed numerous love declarations. This 300-year-old behemoth symbolizes strength and endurance, making it a profound place to start your journey together. Propose beneath its sprawling branches and create your own enduring love story.

5. St. Louis Cathedral

Visit St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square for a historically significant setting. This iconic New Orleans landmark is as old as the city itself. Capture the moment with the cathedral as a backdrop and the bells as your celebratory chime.

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6. Audubon Park

Take a break from the city’s bustle at Audubon Park. Stroll hand in hand through centuries-old oak trees, whisper sweet nothings by the lagoon, and propose amidst nature’s splendor. Remember to bring a picnic basket of New Orleans delicacies for a post-proposal celebration!

7. Steamboat Natchez

Cruise down the Mississippi River on the Steamboat Natchez. With the soothing sounds of jazz and the cityscape in the background, it’s a romantic setting straight out of a movie. Just be sure to rehearse your proposal speech against the gentle sway of the boat!

8. Streetcar Ride

Jump aboard the iconic St. Charles Avenue streetcar and propose while admiring the sights of the Garden District. The slow, rhythmic journey through the beautiful oak-lined lanes sets the tone for an out-of-the-ordinary romantic moment.

9. Haunted Tours

Add a spooky twist to your marriage proposal by booking a haunted tour of the French Quarter. Sneak in your heartfelt question amidst the ghost tales. And your partner will be screaming “yes” in no time!

10. Rooftop Bars

New Orleans has no shortage of rooftop bars with breathtaking views. Consider proposing in places like Hot Tin or Alto, where you can toast to your future while taking in panoramic city views.

New Orleans is a city that knows how to celebrate love, and these ten unique proposal spots prove just that. So plan your dream proposal in this captivating city, and remember that no matter where you choose, the response will be a resounding “yes” in the land of jazz and romance!