10 Best Places To Propose In Rome

When it comes to romance, Rome sets the bar high. But where should you create that unforgettable moment amidst the enchanting backdrop of this city? Fret not, as this post has you covered with a comprehensive list of the ten best places to propose in Rome.

1. Trevi Fountain

Tossing a coin over your left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain is said to guarantee your return to Rome. But why not make the experience even more memorable by proposing to your partner while at it? Just imagine the look on their face as they toss a coin and then turn around to see you down on one knee. Who knows, they might even enthusiastically say “Yes.”

2. Villa Borghese Gardens

Escape the city’s bustle and explore the serene Villa Borghese Gardens. Stroll hand in hand through the lush landscape, pausing to admire the sculptures and fountains. Then, find a secluded spot beneath the tree canopy to declare your love amidst nature’s embrace.

3. The Colosseum

Channel your inner gladiator and stage an epic proposal at the Colosseum. As you stand in the shadow of this ancient marvel, remind your partner that your love, like this iconic amphitheater, is built to last.

4. The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are famous for their grandeur and beauty. While a proposal here may not be the most unique idea, it is undeniably iconic. Wait until a clear evening, when the steps will be illuminated, making the moment even more magical.

5. Janiculum Hill

Take your significant other to Janiculum Hill at sunset for a panoramic view of Rome. As the sky turns shades of orange and pink, serenade them with a heartfelt proposal. Plus, there’s a local tradition of shouting “Ti amo!” (I love you) from the hill, so you’ll fit right in.

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6. The Orange Garden (Giardino degli Aranci)

Sunsets in Rome are legendary, and there’s no better place to witness one than the Giardino degli Aranci. As the sun sets below the horizon, create a magical moment against the backdrop of the city’s rooftops and the scent of orange blossoms in the air.

7. Rooftop Restaurants

Make a reservation at one of Rome’s rooftop restaurants for a more intimate setting. With the city’s twinkling lights as a backdrop and a bottle of fine Italian wine in hand, you can pop the question.

8. Ponte Sant’Angelo (St. Angelo Bridge)

Stroll hand in hand along the Ponte Sant’Angelo, beautifully adorned with Angelic statues. When you reach the bridge’s center, where the Tiber River reflects the city lights, drop to one knee and propose.

9. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona’s artistic ambiance makes it an ideal spot for a creative proposal. Arrange for a street artist to create a portrait of you and your partner, and when it’s unveiled, get down on one knee and pop the question.

10. Trastevere District

Capture your partner’s heart in the charming Trastevere district. Dine at a candlelit ristorante, savoring pasta and wine, and then propose during dessert. They won’t know which is more delicious—the gesture or the tiramisu.

In Rome, romance is more than just a word; it is an art form. Whether you propose at a historic landmark, a serene garden, or an artistic square, the moment will be etched in your minds forever.