20 Best Places To Retire In Tennessee

Have you ever wondered which corner of Tennessee is perfect for your retirement? With a landscape as varied as its music, Tennessee offers something special for every retiree. This guide dives into the top 20 retirement destinations, each brimming with unique charm and lifestyle perks, ready to make your retirement years truly remarkable.

1. Tellico Lake

Tellico Lake, a serene paradise, tops our list as the ideal retirement haven. Picture yourself living along its 33-mile-long expanse, surrounded by 357 miles of stunning shoreline. This area is a haven for those who love boating, fishing, golfing, and hiking. Located just an hour from the Smoky Mountains and half an hour from Knoxville, Tellico Lake offers a perfect blend of tranquil lakeside living and convenient access to urban amenities. It’s a dream destination for retirees seeking beauty, recreation, and a peaceful lifestyle.