20 Best Places To Retire In The World

Retirement is an exciting phase of life, offering the opportunity to explore new horizons and immerse oneself in diverse cultures. Choosing the right country for retirement involves considering factors such as cost of living, healthcare, climate, and lifestyle. In this guide, we’ll unveil the 20 best countries to retire in, each with its unique charm and benefits. Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or a rich cultural experience, these destinations provide a wealth of options to ensure a fulfilling and vibrant retirement.


Portugal, crowned as the premier retirement haven, offers a captivating mix of old-world charm and contemporary living. Its temperate climate, marked by sunny days and mild winters, is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Portugal’s healthcare system, among the best in the world, ensures peace of mind for retirees. The country’s cost of living, significantly lower than in many Western countries, allows a comfortable lifestyle without compromising on quality. Regions like the Algarve are famed for their breathtaking coastlines and golf courses, while cities like Lisbon and Porto offer rich cultural experiences. With a friendly expat community and a high English proficiency, settling down here is a breeze.