20 Best Places To Visit In March 2024

March is a magical time when winter begins to bid farewell, and the world awakens to the warmth of spring. If you’re planning a getaway in March, you’re in for a treat. From vibrant festivals to serene landscapes, the world beckons with exciting possibilities. In this guide, you’ll discover the top 20 destinations that are particularly alluring in March. Each one offers its own unique blend of culture, adventure, and natural beauty, ensuring your travel experiences are as rich and varied as the destinations themselves.

1. Chile

March in Chile is a time when the Patagonia crowds have dispersed, revealing the tranquil beauty of its landscapes. From the red plains of the Atacama Desert to the icy glaciers of Torres del Paine, Chile offers a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. The cosmopolitan cities like Santiago and Valparaiso add a vibrant urban flair with emerging food scenes and vivid street art. Also, it’s the grape harvest season in Chile’s vineyards, perfect for attending traditional ‘vendimias’ or wine festivals. And for a unique experience, take a ride on the funiculars for breathtaking views!