20 Best States To Retire In The US

Retirement is a time to savor life, and choosing the right state can make all the difference. The United States brims with options for retirees, from vibrant communities to favorable tax policies. This guide highlights the top 20 states, each promising a unique blend of lifestyle, affordability, and healthcare, perfect for a fulfilling and relaxed retirement experience.


Florida, known as the Sunshine State, is the quintessential retirement destination with its balmy climate, absence of state income tax, and an array of natural landscapes from beaches to wetlands. It’s a haven for retirees seeking a warm, sunny environment with a plethora of activities including golf, beach outings, and cultural events. While facing challenges in nursing care capacity, Florida’s diverse communities and rich cultural scene make it an attractive option for retirees. The state’s welcoming atmosphere and variety of leisure activities solidify its status as a top choice for retirement living.